The Petal Edition is based in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, among nature and beauty with the gorgeous region of the Yarra Valley not too far by and a short distance to Melbourne's beautiful city.

Owner Andy has always had a creative touch and unique style when it comes to designing and styling. Not only does she create all things floral but has a background in interior design too. 

Petals florals are selected by Andy from our local Monbulk suppliers, and on the occasion from the Epping Market too. They are always fresh and fabulous! You may notice that Petals Flower Co. is not like your traditional type of florist, we like to change it up a bit! We are in love with using a variety of textures, while using a combination of organic, wild and elegant feels.

The Petal Edition ensures a high quality and personal experience for all occasions and we look forward to creating all your florals as much as you do!

We absolutely love being a part of that something special! 

'This is art to me, my therapy, my passion & breath of fresh air' - Andy

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